Do you currently have a loan on your car title? Are you struggling to pay it off and fear that your car might be repossessed? This is a completely valid and reasonable fear as many people each year lose their car after going upside down on a loan. Perhaps the terms and conditions you and your lender agreed to no longer work for your current financial situation. Additionally, maybe a new, even more, worrisome circumstance has entered your life and now you need even more emergency financing. This is where title loan refinance comes in …


Title Loan Refinance

The act of refinancing a title loan involves calling upon a lender to pay off your current title loan and draft a new and improved title loan arrangement with interest rates and terms that work for you! Refinancing your title loan gives you a way to make sure that your car is not repossessed. Fortunately, even if you do default on some of your loan payments. Let’s learn more about how car title loan refinancing works:

Refinancing Explained

The first thing you would need to do is to understand the basics of car title loan refinancing. As previously stated, refinancing your auto equity loan requires you to work with another lender, preferably a reputable one, to pay off your current loan and underwrite a new loan. Similarly, if you have an idea of how mortgages and other types of bank loans work, then the concept of car title loan refinancing should be easy for you to understand. Read more at

Car Title Loan Refinance

Refinancing Requirements

You will have to provide proof of ownership to the lender you are choosing to refinance your title loan. Likewise, the car must also have insurance coverage. This is to ensure, that in the event of an accident, a lender still has recourse for recovering the funds. You can also refinance your motorcycle title loan!

Loan Refinancing

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Refinancing a title loan has many benefits. The loan duration is lengthened and interest rates are lowered when someone chooses to refinance their car title loan. This gives borrowers at risk a fighting chance. Sometimes lenders will even offer refinancing on high-mileage vehicles. Learn more at